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    Does anyone have this problemwith the 650?: When the sound level on the other end is high I hear a "clicking" in the earpiece like the speaker is about to be blown out. Lowering the volume helps a bit but it does not dissapear.
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    That noise your hearing is simply distortion. When the sound level goes to the top limits of the audio system/speaker and can not go any higher that is called flat topping. Every audio system ever made has such a limit which would sound similiar to what your hearing on the Treo 650. That is why it goes away when you reduce the volume.

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    Yes, I have 2 Treo 650's and both did that. Seems to get better after using the phone for several days. I've had one of the phones for 2 weeks and it hardly does that now compared to the new one. Almost like the speaker broke in or something.
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    hehe my problem was that my BT200 would click even when I wasn't connected to the 650. You could hear a slight background hiss and click that would eventually grow into a distinct crackle. Then there'd be a 'pop' and all would be quiet. This is with the headset only being turned on, mind you. Not even in use! My BT200 is over a year old now and has a few THOUSAND hours of usage on it, so it's probably just getting old.
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    Yes, I also find it annoying. It does seems to get better but does not go away completely. It has to do with the quality of the connection. I seem to hear it more when talking to other cell phones and not hear it at all when talking to land lines. The 600 had that problem and was fixed with the latest firmware update. I personally feel that Palm dropped the ball on testing the 650 before production. I hope thay can fix the bugs, the phone is pretty good except for some minor bugs and of course the big problem, not enough memory.
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    Add me to the list of people having this problem. I hear the clicking as well. Some have said it is because the earpiece is maxed which causes distortion...that's a logical reason, but the thing is even at max volume, I have a very hard time even hearing the caller!!

    All around the phone function of this 'smartphone' is lousy. P1 better take note soon...
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    yes but it never really goes away with the lower volume. I still hear it. That's really not nearly as annoying as people not being able to hear me on the phone which seems to be a more common Treo 650 problem.
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    I know this is an old thread, but was there ever a resolution to this problem? I'm experiencing this with my Treo 650, and it drives me nuts.

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    This is just one evidence of cost cutting at palm. I don't think that
    any other phone in the world does that (clicking and popping).
    Other manufacturers appear to have fixed the problem rather

    palm say: "common people! be happy with touch screen,
    keypad, and PDA function. you no complain about phone,
    resetting and high cost. you miss call, your problem. palm
    no use upper case letters to save cost."

    - mvk
    Game over!

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