I ordered the Motorola HS 850 bluetooth headset from an electronics store in Chicago. I thought that all of the units were the same but they are not.

The black colored 850 is actually the European version. The blue colored unit is the US version. I have not seen a blue US unit on the web at all. I see tons of black Euro 850's.

I called the guy back and asked him if the black unit he was sending me was the Euro versuon. He said No. But when I got the unit It had Japanese and English writing on the package. The charging unit had the Euro plug but he included the US plug adapter.

I just want to know if there is a difference between the two? I read some where, where the 850 was supposed to boot very fast. The unit I have does not boot any faster but I have the Euro version.

Could it be that the US version boots faster than the Euro version?

All in all I like the unit but just want the best they have to offer.

As for that guy in Chicago, I'll cuss his *ss out on Monday! LOL

Oh, I paid $94 plus $10 shipping.