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    Even though the 650 can't get stereo without the dongle (No A2PD support in 650) these can still be used as a handsfree. Thought I'd post the link in case anyone is interested.
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    cool so its definatly possible then thanks
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    Well it comes with a dongle ╠
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    Well it comes with a dongle so if you use it with the 650 the stero will work. Unit supports Headset and Handsfree profiles too so those should let it work as a headset.
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    This looks like a cool gadget. It looks like it can link directly to the t650 via bluetooth and be a music headset, although I don't think the t650 supports that. Heres a little from the manufacturers website.

    Integrated Hands-free Communication
    Besides the wireless stereo audio application, the i-PHONO BT420 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Sports Headphone can be used for mobile hands-free communication with any mobile phone which supports either the Headset or Hands-free profile of Bluetooth« wireless technology. Whilst enjoying music, you can receive or make phone calls easily through the built-in retractable microphone and the innovative auto-switching signal transmission technology. Once you have an incoming or outgoing phone call, you can hear the ring tone from the headphone, so you won't miss any phone calls even if you are steeped in your music with the headphones. Additionally, you can use the i-PHONO BT420 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Sports Headphone as the wireless speaker and microphone of your computer via the Bluetooth Headset profile, and then you can apply the i-PHONO headphone to the online messenger such as MSNMessenger, NetMeeting, Skype, Apple iChat AV, etc.
    Linkage -->

    Also usefull for a computer, especially with all the voice communication in video games.
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    I found out the T650 definitely does not support music to you would have to use the dongle.
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    So will it work for voice communication on Treo?
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    Can a BT device work with two other devices at same time e.g. BlueTake Headset on head, Ipod in pocked with dongle and 650 with BT. Could I be listening to my iPod and then take a call from my 650?
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    according to bluetake yes you could, supposedly the headset can pair with five different sources and cycle amongst them.
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    Good grief, its already on EBAY! lol

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    Already? These headphose have been sold for quite some time now, they aren't that new.
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    "Computers are a lot like air conditioners - they both work great until you open windows." -Anonymous

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    Well I just got one (for other reasons). I am using the dongle right now with the 650 to listen to pocket tunes.

    I am however unable to get it to work without the dongle just as a headset. It supports the Headset profile as well as the Hands free profile so shouls work.

    I can get it to paor with the treo, but can not seem to answer a call Will keep trying.
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    Apply the car-kit update

    Make sure the update applies for you (I have the Cingular Teeo 650).

    The telephone headset part of BT420 worked for me after the update. I had to re-pair the headset to the dongle and to the phone after updating the Treo.

    I am able to use the BT420 with dongle for stereo music, and without dongle as a hands free headset. However, with the dongle, while listening to music, I cannot pick up calls reliably. Am still playing with it, though.

    I got this from ecost for $160+shipping. Even though they say "out of stock", they suddenly shipped it to me one day !!

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    To either wareynolds or aprasad:

    I have never worn a behind the neck headsets. How secure are they? I am thinking of using these with my MP3 player (with the dongle of course) when I run. Do you think they will stay on?

    And I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the usability with the 650 when you find out and get a chance to post.
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    These feel very secure. In fact BlueTake has a pamphlet (also downloadable on their web site) that describes various sporting activities one can do with the BT420 and where to keep the music player while biking, jogging etc.

    I like the product. I'm hoping that future Treo (or other) products will fully support the A2DP profile and work with BT420. Meanwhile, I get to use the Treo650 as a music player (or a headset in the car)...

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    Aprasad, Have you had any more luck in getting the headphones to allow you to connect to a call more easily while listening to music?
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    I haven't tried to use the headset to it's max for phone calls. When paired with just the dongle, the treo thinks it is connected to just a set of wired headphones. I keep the treo nearby in case a call comes through.

    It's pretty much an either-or for me: either I pair the headset to the dongle for music, or I pair it to the Treo for phone calls.

    The set may be capable for much more. I haven't put any effort in learning how to gracefully transition from music to phone call and back..
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