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    Neo, are you running DateBk5? My "can't sync" problems started around the time I installed DateBk5 (V-5.4a,p6). I was syncing fine before that.

    In an effort to debug my sync'ing problem I installed Palm Desktop on a brand new XP machine, but still couldn't sync. So I did a hard reset to try and rule out a bad USB cable, i.e. not the Treo. I'd read about BackupMan's issues with "Out of Memory" while backing up and I have the latest 1.52b5 with two backups on an SD card. So I thought I was safe. Apparently I missed these threads about being unable to restore...

    So after I did a hard reset I was able to sync again!

    But when I tried to do my BackupMan full restore... the restore from my more recent of two backups threw errors on four files:

    "MMPlayer Library" did successfully restore in a subsequent individual restore attempt.

    "ContactsDB-PAdd" will not individually restore from my recent backup, but does from the older of the two backups.

    The other two files, "CalendarDB-PDat" and "MIDI Ring Tones" will not restore from either backup file. They produce this error: "There was an error restoring <filename> to your handheld."

    I have tried soft resets before attempting to restore, to no avail. These files are small and the error messages don't seem to be related to the "out of memory" errors on the BackupMan support page.

    The ringtones are no big deal, but the calendar data is critical.

    Any idea what I can do to restore my calendar data?

    I'm not using any Outlook stuff. And I can't recover from Palm desktop because my sync ability has been broken there for a couple weeks, and I'm away from that PC now anyways.

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    if you are using outlook take a look in the trash folder i had this happen and they were all there just restore them back, im not sure how or why it happened but it worked for me
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    I too just lost all of my PIM data on my 650 after a hotsync! It's all still in Outlook so I am doing another hotsync and copying memos, to do's, calendar and contacts from my PC to the phone but this is very scary. I am using BackupMan. Also, I had not been running Outlook when I started the initial hotsync that I lost the data on and started it while hotsync was running which is what I think hosed them all.
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