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    I just got a PalmOne Treo 600 from Verizion.

    - I heard if you register it with Palm you get Pocket-Tunes Basic for free - True??

    - I also heard that you can then upgrade Pocket-Tunes Basic to Delux for $15 - True??

    - But I can't find out to register my Treo with Palm... I'm looking for an icon or something after pressing the 'home' key... but not sure what I'm lookng for.

    How do I complete the registration of my Treo with Palm ?

    thanks - Will
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    go to this link to register treo..

    it will ask to enter the serial number.
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    I just went to the website and registered my T650. Only thing I got offered was a free trial of Netflix. Does this offer get sent via email (for Ptunes) or am I just out of luck?
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    I don't think the offer came with 650's, only with the 600.

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