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    Help, trying to get Treo 650 to synch with entourage 2004. Given this is a first synch to the Treo 650 I set the Conduit Setting in the Hot Sych Manager so that the Mac overrides the PDA on the first sych. I get a "conflicting conduits" error message telling me to move the unneeded conduits to the "disabled conduits folder". However, I can't find any Palm Conduits to disable. They are nowhere on the Mac and when I try to open the Entourage Conduits in the Hot Synch Manager nothing happens althrough I can open all the other listed options i.e. address book, calendar...etc.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Go to your hard drive library, then go into application support/palm hotsync.
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    Also check out e2sync:
    It's a genuine iSync conduit. I haven't used it but it looks interesting.
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    I'm working through this now, here is what I did:
    - renamed backup folder in applications/palm
    - installed palm software off the CD that came with the 650
    - reinstalled Microsoft Handheld Sync Installer (found in Microsoft office 2004/Additional Tools)
    - Started Palm Desktop, opened Conduit settings, selected the entourage conduit, and set the calendar, tasks and notes for Entourage overwrites Palm (one time only).
    - Restarted the Mac

    So far the conduit manager keeps crashing, I'm going to keep working at it.

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