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    Please help!

    My new 650 keeps rebooting over and over and never stops. Its been doing it for 30 min. and I cannot or know how to stop it. I took the battery out, no good, hit the reset button, but it goes through a cycle showing the palm one logo and a thermometer, then the palm powered logo and starts all over again.

    I down loaded a clock off of palmgear and this is what it does!

    Please help, I have no idea how to fix this.

    Arrggh -- I messed with the hotsinc cable and it nows a red, green, blue and white bar across the screen with the words Bootload v 0.17 in the red bar. If I hit the reset it goes back to the above condition.
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    lol, sorry it sound funny to me.

    I have a 600 and it sound like your going have to do a hard reset buddy.

    It has happened to me before once or twice, when trying new apps.

    I hope you recently backed up your info.

    hope this helps.
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    A hard reset didn't fix it. It keeps doing it!

    Help! I will try a hard reset again.

    It still doesn't work.

    The first time I did a hard reset it asked if I wanted to erase all of the data or not, and I said yes. Then it went back to cycling between the boot screen and the powered logo screen again. It is still do it, and now the hard reset doesn't work. I.e. I do not get the screen that asks if I want to erase everything.

    I am pushing on the End while pushing in the reset button.

    OK, so it finally reset it.

    What the heck was that all about?
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