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    How strong is vibrate on Treo 600?
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    not very strong at all you can feel it when its in your jean pocket but thats about it
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    I think it's plenty strong. Even when it rides in the inside pocket of a suit jacket or other coat. But then again, I've still got my original Treo purchased way back when they first came out, and I have had NONE of the crazy problems you see posted on this board.
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    Super weak. I couldn't feel the vibrate in my pocket, much less on a holster. Other people may be more sensitive to vibrating phones, but I've only been able to sense it if I was testing it (jeans, mind you, not trousers).

    If strong vibration is a key feature, perhaps look at the Treo650 (I don't know if it's better), but the Treo600's vibration is far too tame.
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    As a guage, not strong enough to double use it as a vibrator
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lure_Angler
    As a guage, not strong enough to double use it as a vibrator
    i works about the same as vibro 8000. In fact i think p1 makes them both.
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    I definitely think it could be a lot stronger. I have it set for SMS and I always miss them when the phone is in my pocket.
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    The Treo 600 is really weak - maybe someday someone will invent a vibe alert that works. Oh, wait, somebody already did (that would be every other mobile phone company ever).
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    I guess you could always open it up and add some weight to the vibration shaft.
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    I think that I will have to go to tmo store and test it for myself. I am deaf I need to know if it's good enough before I buy.
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    i have tested the 600 at tmo store. It's pretty enough for me. Thank you guys for helping me out. :-)
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    So I'm at a cocktail party and complaining that I often don't hear my phone or feel it vibrate, particularly when I'm in a noisy room or walking on the street. This woman turns to me and says "So you're telling me you're deaf and numb?"

    Apologies to any deaf people who are offended, and any numb ones.
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    so so

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