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    I went to my local Sprint store to see the 650 and see when my eligibilty for the $150 rebate is. Well, the good news is I only have to wait to December 11th, but the question I have is the price at the store was $649 and on it is $599. Will the store match the website?

    Also is there anyway to get an instant rebate instead of mail-in? I have been a Sprint customer for 5 years and am on a 2-line ~$130 plan.

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    Are you in an affiliate market? The price should be $599 for a 650.
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    Don't think so, it was the store in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Maybe I will call a few other sprint stores and check their price.

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    Not when I tried with the 600 last year. They acted like they didn't care, they don't make any money on the phones, just the service.
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    I paid $650 at the store. That was after tax. It was $599 though, just like the website.
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    Odd, I went to another store today and they had it for $599! Does each store set their own price?


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