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    'scuze if this has come up before, but I can't find a thread in the last few days that appears on point, and my question isn't particularly searchable.

    Is VersaMail just an E-mail client application/program, or is it also an E-mail server/service? I would assume the former, but when I first got my 650 on 11/26, "VersaMail" was already listed under "Accounts" in the program. After I activated the 650 I found four E-mails from palmOne in the "VersaMail" account. There is no username or password entered in the setup for the VersaMail account, though. Were the four messages preloaded in RAM/ROM by palmOne, even though all four are dated 11/26? If not, who runs the E-mail server that originated the four messages? palmOne?

    I proceeded to set up accounts in VersaMail for SprintPCS and for SBCGlobal E-mail. Those two accounts work fine and I haven't gotten any more mail in the "VersaMail" account. I don't know how to set it up because I have no idea what the username and password for it might be - or was I supposed to change "VersaMail" to "SprintPCS" or "SBCGlobal" and use it as a starting point to set up one of those accounts?

    Got another question, if anyone is still reading (unlikely) - does the VersaMail program allow me to check for new mail in both my SPCS and my SBC account with one click, or do I have to check each account separately as I've been doing? I used Eudora on my Treo 300 and it allowed me to check all accounts at once.
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    It is just the default account set up if you don't configure the initial account. You could delete the account or just replace the settings with a real account. There is no VersaMail service as far as I know.
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