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    I would like to make up what is called a police cheater book - a listing of violations and fines. Eg:
    Dangerous driving Sec. 245 100.00

    I could write this in Excel or Word with or without tables. How do I get this into the Visor? The ideal would be to be able to modify it on the Visor but not necessary. Any freeware?
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    Looks like you have just 2 fields. You could make a category in the built-in Address app for it and use last name (or company) and the work# fields for your data. Set your view for either last name or company, whichever you usually use and voila!

    If you create it in Excel, export to a CSV then in the PalmDesktop import into the Address app from the CSV.

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    Great idea. I tried it out and it should do the trick. It will end up being at least 3 fields but it still works. The only negative is that when I click all for addresses I will get this data as well. Unless there is a way to turn off that catagory when viewing "all".
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    A program called Abacus look like it would allow you to do this very easily. Check it out.
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    Thanks 150pilot. I will look into this. It sounds like it should be able to syncronize with Excel.

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