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    GoodLink email works great for me, except for 1 thing. When I want to email a photo that I have taken on my Treo, the device defaults to the native Palm/Treo email application. As a result I cannot send pictures at all, as my only email is via the GoodLink mail app. How do I fix that. All suggestions appreciated.
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    I don't think goodlink is set up to send attachments. The only way that I have been able to send attachments on my 650 is by using Versamail.
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    depending on which device you have (CDMA or GSM, and which carrier - Sprint, AWS, whatever) you might try sending the pic via whatever picture app is on your device, if there is one. For example, the Pictures app on the Sprint can send the pic, and on the Verizon one, you can use the MMS app to send the pic. Play around a bit and see what you have....

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