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    I just got a bluetooth sync set up with my PC and it seems to be painfully slow. I understand that it is slow the first time due to the amount of information transferred but it remained so. I use a Belkin 100 m adapter. Does anyone have any ideas on what to check to see if I set something up wrong ? Thanks for the help.

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    If you're comparing Bluetooth sync to the USB sync then it should be much slower. The transfer rate for USB2.0 is 480 Mbps while Bluetooth 1.1 has a max transfer rate of 1 Mbps.
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    I have the same problem. It is taking about 10+ minutes to transfer a 3 meg file. I also have the same BT adapter (Belkin F8T001 ver.2). Any suggestions?
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    I have not found a solution nor am I sure that it is abnormally slow. Although it sure seems very slow to me. I will look at it again when I go to work tomorrow.

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