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    BtToggle is a pretty nice little utility that will automatically turn the Bluetooth radio on or off when needed, helping you save a good bit of battery power. When I exit an app and BtToggle notices that BT is no longer used, it will switch off the BT radio. The annoying thing is that each time it pops up with a window titled "Turn Bluetooth On?", with the message "Bluetooth is off. Do you want to turn it on?". I think this is the standard BT app reacting to the radio being switched off. Has anyone found a way to kill that popup?
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    Try enabling the "What apps think" option in BtToggle. That feature is supposed to fool system apps into thinking BT is in whatever state they need so you don't get those annoying system popups.
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    I tried both the Classic version and the Pro version. The Pro version has this "what apps think feature, but even if I set that to On, the dialogs still pop up..

    I emailed the developer about it, but so far no reply.
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    anyone? i can't stand this dialogue. i stopped using my headset and deleted the profile it's so bad.
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    I've had the same problem when I tried it, so I didn't use it. I keep my BT on most of the time, which is a big battery drainer.

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