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    My Treo can surf the net via Verizion. Unlimited connectivity.

    Is there software that will let me listen to internet radio (like on my Treo?

    Where can I get it?

    thanks - Will
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    Shoutcast via pTunes...

    Check out this thread:
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    Is Shoutcast software that will let me listen to any internet radio station or just those streaming with shoutcast?

    I don't want to be restricted to Shoutcast generated streams only...

    Is there a version of Windows Media Player out there for the treo or something like that... or is Shoutcast pTunes the only one?

    thanks - Will
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    1. Only Shoutcast
    2. You have no choice, unless you want to stream your own choices via shoutact.
    3. No WMP for Palm.

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