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    This one has me stumped although it probably has a easy solution.

    I wanted to back up my SD Card to my PC in case it gets lost, erased, etc.
    I use to do this with my old laptop and my home PC and a USB card reader.

    I just got a new laptop running Windows XP SP2 with the universal card reader slot. Under My Computer the card shows up as removable storage. However when I try to copy the card to a folder it asks if I want to format the SDCard. I don't think I want to do this because formatting would erase the data, yes?
    What the heck am I doing wrong???
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    I just use palm file browser to pull the relevant directories back over to my pc via the hotsync cable. works dandy.

    you might want to do that, reformat the card, and see if the laptop will see it after that. lot of extra work though.
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    Which file browser is that?
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    you can download it here:

    it's all in german, but just click on the .zip 'box' icon and it'll download. it includes english instructions. it seemed a bit twitchy at first, but once you get familiar with the steps, it's really easy, and it works great - very, very fast.

    it's freeware.
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