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    Is this even possible? To draw little pictures on your visor?

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    There are several programs that allow digital ink. Look on under drawing. I think the one people use the most is called Doodle or Diddle.

    James Hromadka
    Personal Website:
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    I know the following programs are freeware:

    check out 'diddleBug'. it allows you to doodle, as well as set alarms for those notes.

    'handwrite' and 'scribble' are also doodle programs without alarms.

    do a search at
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    The real power of Diddlebug seems to be in the plug-ins. Can anyone comment on this?
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    DiddleBug is a great little handwriting "post it" with an alarm by itself. As you surmise, the plug-ins really make it a great app to start at for data input to any app supported by a plug-in. Makes it nice to assign a button to DiddleBug for that reason. The plug-ins do NOT require Hackmaster either, cutting down on the number of Hacks.

    Author's page:

    He also has some pretty impressive "artwork" posted here that different users have drawn with DiddleBug.

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