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    On my Treo 600, I've noticed that anytime the phone is out of range and reads 'no service,' when service returns and service is back on, the volume is set low! Even though I reset it to the max volume each time.
    I also use ProfeoLite, Phonetechnician, and Butler, and all are set to max volume.

    In addition, when service returns (also after an out of range 'no service' period) the main preferences automatically turn 'system sound' to low, even though i turn it to 'off' each time.

    I've tried syncing it with current preferences, but it seems to have a mind of its own.

    Any ideas would be great!

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    I'm not sure it has to do with your signal strength or network connection. I have the same annoying problem where the earpiece volume always drops down a few bars between calls and I find myself having to raise the volume EVERY time I make a call. Very annoying and kinda silly the system was built this way. Just thought I'm chime in here in case others have a suggestion on a way to reset these things to a default level after each call.
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    This was discussed on another thread and it seems like quite a few of us are having this problem. It definitely does it own thing!

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