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    I tried out several different doc readers, I finally narrowed it down to Isilo, tealdoc, and Aportis. After downloading lots of information to play around with in the doc readers, I finally decided that I could live without the picture ability in Tealdoc. And that I like Isilo the best. After I deleted Tealdoc, It decided that I didn't want any of the docs that I had downloaded and deleted all the downloaded docs. After playing around some more, i have discovered that Aportis will do the same thing. Isilo will not. Does anyone know a way around this in case I need one of the readers for a temporary time?
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    Well you could write your own program that would include all the things you want J/K
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    It will delete those DOC files (or any database) if its creator id is the same as the application. There are some programs that let you modify the creator id to keep this from happening. Or just stick w/ one program

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    You can delete individual doc files through either DB Explorer ( or Z'Catalog (

    SmartDoc also lets you delete docs from its menu.

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    I believe TealDoc info *.txts tell how to disassociate docs with TealDoc.

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