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    Freakin ****....way to go pal...way to go...

    You have all my support (that's the best I can do from Singapore)
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    I have a P1 WiFi card on order, to play with on a T3 I have. I am certainly game to try it on my Treo if someone finds a driver!

    Could one move something over from the T3 to get it to work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by drrjv
    I have a P1 WiFi card on order, to play with on a T3 I have. I am certainly game to try it on my Treo if someone finds a driver!

    Could one move something over from the T3 to get it to work?
    There is already a forum with beta drivers being developed. Please read the form before you post, some issues may have been addressed.

    The drivers are on page 32 at the top.
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    Just registered - been a lurker for a while, the excitement from the 650/T5 wifi drivers thread has gotten me fully on board.

    I have a 600 and a T3 - ordered a P1 card from (~$95) which should arrive on Tue. I'm going to join the 600 testing "party" and will post if I come up with anything useful. I'm aware of the potential damage - wifi would be huge for me and worth the risk.

    I do realize that the work on the 650 has priority, but I'd like to start a bounty for the 600. I'll start the ball rolling with $100, whether or not it works. Maybe someone who is an "established" TC'er could come one board here as I think this kind of post from a first-timer might be viewed with suspicion. Maybe TC can "host" this one as well.

    (I will contribute towards the 650 bounty if it turns out the work done over there works on the 600 also).

    IMO, anyone who puts in this kind of work (like what's been going on for the 650) deserves compensation for their time, even if it eventually ends not working. I also realize that not everyone may agree with that point...

    Good luck to those on the 650 project, as well as any testers of the 600!
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    Mathetesnj: The drivers from the Treo 650 project by Shadowmite (v3.1) installed on my Treo 600 with no problems or nasty resets. So all good so far! Let's hope it works soon....
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    vish - that's exactly why I'm so excited! It seems close... But, in case shadow's work on the 650 doesn't exactly work out for the 600, I wanted to encourage others to encourage work to be done for the 600. If the 650 work is compatible, I'll throw my $ over there.

    It seems to me that there are plenty of 600 users who are hesitant or just flat out not going to the 650 (yet), myself included, but would love/need wifi on 600.

    Anyway, as stated, my card should be in on Tue and I'll try 3.1 then. Thanks.
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    vish0402 - any luck changing it to B only mode to see if it works? I don't think I've gotten this excited over the treo in a while...
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    Keep up the good work. We can subvert the P1/Cell Co's plans yet!
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    Middle_Man: I will test it with B only mode tomorrow and report my results. Fingers crossed....
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    Vish I have a linksys access point, the 54g one, so if ya get yours working let me know man.

    I'll be up early checkin this thread......good luck dude....
    Treo since November 2003!

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    This would be terrific, if it really works...T-Mo is my carrier, and they have hot spots in lots of places. But it would be much better if there were support for SanDisk's WiFi card+256mb. I think T-Mo charges an extra $20 a month for WiFi. You guys that are working on this deserve a lot of credit for your efforts.
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    Adzo: Certainly buddy. If it works for me, will pray that it works for you too! Cheers from across the Atlantic!!
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    vish - you in UK or US? As I'm in Uk...
    Treo since November 2003!

    Still got the original.....
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    Wow.............Treo 600 is possible to use WiFi at last , finally , some good news , that someone is tested
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    ADZO: UK too. Sorry couldn't test with 802.11b router as am away at a client's site for the next 2 days. Will report as soona s I get back in - the suspense is killing me!
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    WiFi + 256MB Card would be unbelievable. I always knew that where there's a will, there's a way! You guys are amazing!
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    Anyone know where you could get a cheap wi-fi card. I would like to koin in the testing also. like I have mentioed early. I have a parts model Treo 600, so I am not too worried about blowing my SDIO. Problem is I am in Canada.
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    Vish - I was about to bin my treo for a Nokia 6230....that's how bad this Wifi thing is.....I wanna be able to wonder round my home not with my massive DELL laptop but with something light....and then be able to pop out without having to worry about the fact that I'm taking my PDA...cuase really its my phone too......see P1 marketing for ya...but alas...wasted on your ears. Crushed are we that it is in the hands of your consumers to finsih off what you could not, sorry WOULD NOT want to do yourselves.

    Do you really think people want PDA's without keyboards and Sim capabilities....I mean, how mnay of your own staff drop those bricks everyday at your HQ..come be honest, I bet the internal expense system is buckling under the pressure. Smartphones is where it is at.....get that and you will make a lot of people very happy, as in the UK the damn 650 is not even what are people supposed to do, but move to another phone or back to PDA and phone........

    hellooo......P1 u listening......somehow...I think not. :-((
    Treo since November 2003!

    Still got the original.....
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    Palm has a history of underdelivering. I had an early PalmPilot at one point - I had the memory upgraded by an entrepreneur, as Palm did not even try to max out the capacity of the device. Their philosophy has not changed. It seems to be to deliver the minimum acceptable upgrade at a time. Unfortunately, this strategy is less and less successful, as others are quickly catching up and surpassing the capabilities of Palm's devices.
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    Vish, are you using a P1 card or San disk? I may have access to the san disk version that works on the zire 71. Do you think the drivers will be different for the two cards? I also noticed that the sandisk card reads "low power wi-fi card". This may also be good news. I wish P1 would step up and release something thereselves. They must know about this and the wi-fi 650 forum by now. Your testing so far is very promising. I think the 600 may be proving to be more stable than the 650 in supporting drivers.
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