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    The Enfora WiFi sled looks like a pretty good deal. Palm's WiFi card retails for $129, so WiFi capability that doesn't drain the Treo's battery works for me. I am hoping that I will be able to establish a connection to my iBook and use my Treo as a wireless modem and also to perform HotSyncs. Any opionions on that?
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    Ya the sled looks not too bad. It is still not released after promisoing by Feb. You can pre-order, but that is it. There must be some difficulties. It does not seem too bulky either. My concern is protecting the Treo while in the sled and out of my case. I also wonder how snug the fit is.
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    Kudos to everyone willing to spend time and energy in the endeavour of making wifi possible for the 600. I have had my 600 now for 2 months, and have been drooling over the possibility from day one. I read with interest the technical posts in this thread and find it amazing the amount of questioning and intelligent minds out there. Thanks to everyone for the research. As someone great once said, 'The impossible is what can't be done, until someone does it.'

    The sled does indeed look interesting, but I agree that it leaves the 600 unprotected and who knows how tight the fit is.

    I still feel that an SD wifi card would be the greatest triumph for the 600 since it's inception.
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    Has anyone got it to work for 700p/755p?
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    Ya great..
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