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    So there are a few oddities. My Treo got caught in an infinite reset loop as a result of me experimenting with the hugely buggy VersaMail (I promise never to be disloyal to SnapperMail again!). I had to do a hard reset since soft resets just got me back into the same loop.

    When I re-synced it, most of the applications came back. However, there are a few oddities.

    1. It lost all my Bluetooth profiles.

    2. VoiceDial completely disappeared off the Treo and the side button just goes to the real media player.

    Odd that it doesn't quite remember everything...I hope they fix that with the next OS too.
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    Actually. the Voicedial thing is known. When you go to the Download page for voicedial, I believe it tells you to back up the file, because it isn't synced.

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