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    I've used a franklin planner for a while now and I know they sell palms in the franklin store with their software preloaded. Does this software also run on the visor and If so how can I get it. I checked their web site but couldn't get those questions answered anybody?
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    I have used a Franklin planner for years also, and have been trying to find out the same information. I can't say that I have a definitive answer yet, although being "technology challenged" probably hasn't helped. If you do a search for Franklin Covey on this site, you will get a list of all discussions where it was mentioned. Maybe you will be able to get some information from there. Unfortunately it is mostly over my head!

    I talked to someone at a Franklin Covey store that said the software wasn't available seperately, but I dont know if that is the case. I have read that others are planning on doing it somehow.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm actually mad at Franklin Covey right now, and wouldn't be surprised if the software was inpossible to get anywhere except by actually buying a Palm directly from them... I went into the Franklin Covey store in Manhattan Beach, and whoops! It was out of business. So, I have no idea if their software is available. In the meantime, I use Outlook 2000 which I think it awesome!
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    The Palm software is included with the Franklin Planner software product.

    They have a 30 day trial version on the website:

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    I downloaded the Franklin software demo and it created a directory with all the palm software in it. I marked it for installation manually. I never set up the connection correctly for Franklin to sync. No USB setting and I didn't fiddle with it much.

    I didn't like the fact that Franklin doesn't work with the built-in apps very well. I like the way DateBK3 is compatible with DateBook.

    All in all, I decided that DateBK3 does everything I need on the Palm for a lot less. I plan to use a paper Franklin planner for everything but scheduling and DateBK3 for scheduling.
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    I just was in the Franklin/Covey store in Albany NY. You can buy the software from Franklin/Covey by itself. They have two versions, one to use with MS outlook and one to use by itself. These are PC programs that support Palm OS PDAs. I'm looking at their latest catalog as I type. They are also listed there. They are simply named Franklin Planner Software and Franklin Planner for Micorsoft Outlook (99.95 or 129.00)
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    I use Franklin Planner with my new Visor. It works pretty well, since you can use things like Daily Record of Events with the memo button. Plus all the other franklin things (goals, roles, etc) have separate apps.

    Franklin Planner works pretty well with Palm devices, and I haven't noticed any major differences with the Visor. Read the Tehnology discussion forums at there's tons of information on Franklin Planner and Palms and Visors.

    However, as on this discussion board, there are some vocal complainers. My experience has been overall very positive.

    post or email me if you have questions.


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