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    With the newer Treo 650s having firmware that gives it the ability to variably adjust the keyboard backlighting (along with the screen brightness at this point), is it possible to incorporate this in ScreenCare?

    Possibly in a manner such as decreasing the brightness as night time progresses. Do you have access to this code?
    I do not see anything in the API released to developers from P1 that gives us independent control of the keyboard backlight brightness. My bet is that it follows the screen brightness control. I do not have one of the 650's that has this behavior so I can not verify this. But I have released ScheduleCare with screen brightness control and keyboard control. I have also released a Beta of ScheduleCare PII that also has this control built into the program. If you have this model phone, could you test ScheduleCare and let me know if it does very the keyboard brightness?


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    thanks Jeff!!
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    is there still any bugs on the treo 650 with this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by adriana
    is there still any bugs on the treo 650 with this?
    There is one remaining bug that has to do with screen blanking during phone calls. I have this one on my radar screen and will have it fixed soon.

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