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    I installed Agendus Mail (as a part of Agendus Pro) and now Versamail won't launch. I get an error saying "MMUpgrade.prc could not be found. Reinstall the Palm desktop or find and install the .prc into your Palm Device."

    Anyone else get this? Suggestions on how to fix it?
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    Agendus Pro v.9 caused alot of problems for me. Agendus Mail made my entire system unstable which led to the pain of a hard reset.
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    OK, it seems that the only reason Versamail won't work on my 650 is because I am missing the MMUpgrade.prc file - which was removed when I installed Agendus Mail. Would someone mind posting the MMUpgrade.prc file so that I can get Versamail running again.

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    It should be on your installation disk somewhere....

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