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    I just purchased a Covertec from Treocentral for my new 650. The quality of the leather and worksmanship is impressive. The fit seems a bit snug...for those who have used a Covertec on a 650: is there a "break-in" period, after which I don't feel like I'm stuffing the phone in the holster? I was interested in using eGrips, but it does not seem possible with the tight fit at this time.
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    it will stretch abit over time. works fine even with egrips on my 600. Now my 650 slides right in and out as needed. Be nice when they have egrips for the 650.
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    Are there any plans for a 650-specific Covertec pouch? From what I remember, the 650 is slightly thicker (or was it thinner?) than the 600...
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    the differences are so slight in the sizes of the 600 vs the 650 I would doubt Covertec will create a new version. There is really no point. AFter a few days the case will loosen up enough. My case doesnt know the difference between my 600 and my 650.
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    I think the Covertec is the best case for the Treo - only wish the magnetic clasp was stronger (my no name case for my prior phone was much better).

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