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    Quote Originally Posted by dcmascot
    I trashed VersaMail, but still get a soft reset happening every hour or so - on the hour. I had set the auto synch that way. Does anyone know the list of files for Versa that need to be deleted from the Treo 650 to stop this from happening?
    How did you delete VersaMail? It's in ROM, and can't be deleted. Maybe that's part of your problem...

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    It came on the Palm CD and had to be downloaded. I used add/remove programs from desktop
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenf
    Hi, I'm new here. I just picked up a Cingular Treo 650 yesterday to try it out, and thought I could contribute to this thread a little bit with my experience.

    I have Versamail set up with a single IMAP SSL account. My inbox has all my email dating back to Jan 1 of this year. When it became clear that downloading it all to the phone was going to take forever, I switched it to only download 1 week of messages, then turned on autosync.

    What seems to be happening, and I think someone else in the thread confirmed this, is that if I do a manual get, it picks up the MOST RECENT messages as expected. But when it autosyncs, it backfills from the oldest messages. So it's taking a really long time for autosync to "catch up" to today, especially since it seems to only be able to download a few messages in each autosync before timing out.

    So, this is better than my old Tungsten T3 which couldn't autosync SSL accounts AT ALL (it simply wasn't implemented), but not quite as good as my Sidekick which had a pretty good push implementation.

    I hope between us we can figure out a way to make this work, because other than this, it seems like a great smartphone. I haven't tried any of the third-party email clients yet...

    You may be on the right track. I use POP, and was not in the practice of leaving emails on the server when buying my 650. When I started using the Treo, I started saving emails on my server. I have two accounts. One gets less emails than the other. The one that gets the most email fails to pick up automatically now. I've performed several soft syncs, re-syncs, prayed to the email gods, etc.

    But I also observed unexpected behavior when it was working. I had it set to pick up every 15 minutes, but it appeared to be picking up much more frequently. I can't explain any of this. I'm just as frustrated as the rest of those have complained. I'll be more frustrated if Handspring doesn't offer a solution.
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