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    Can't get this to work on my Treo 650. I'm using ver 4.2.2 of easysync

    It recognizes the device, starts the hotsync, but won't transfer any data. Anyone have any idea what might be the problem?
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    Lotus Support says that it is not compatible with the version of the Palm desktop I think. They need to come out with a new version. I use Commontime mNotes instead. Works well.
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    does this mean Organizer no longer works with the TREO???
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    i have always had trouble syncing the treo(600) with lotus drives me crazy!!!

    it syncs the calander & contacts but not fact after performing hard re-set last week (to fix phone buzzing noise) it no longer syncs at to lotus notes at all!!

    i have spent hours on the phone to the palm help desk and no one can help me ...grrrrr

    sorry i know that doesnt help your problem but just thought i'd share
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