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    Boy I'm loving this dang Treo 650 more & more everyday! First of all the file will not hotsync to Treo 650 for some reason. I can no longer beam (don't know if it's Treo 600 or 650 problem). Even after I had all ringtones installed again (emailed them when I had my Treo 600 still set up with service), after hard reset they did not come back! I even tried just copying the file from my sd card to memory but I always get some kind of error message. I have even tried restore from tealbackup & it skipped that file. Anyone know what to do to get my original midi database over to treo 650? I even tried bluetoothing the file-no luck. Maybe there is a file format compatibility issue. If so what can I change to make it work. Incidentally is there a desktop tool where I can extract the individual midis from the large pdb file so I can send them over individually? It seems as though after hard reset. there is NO way that your personal ringtones will come back!!!
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    The origninal ringtone are in the 650's ROM I would think, right? When I upgraded to the 650, it moved my 600 tones over as well, all my itself.
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    really?! wow mine will not work! well let me hotsync again. maybe I only did a full restore from sd card which didn't work. thanx burky!

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