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    Ok, for some reason now when I plug the Treo 600 into the charger nothing happens until I turn the power on. Then it gives me the charging noise and the light changes to red. I can turn the device off at this point and it continues to charge. I used to be able to just plug it in when it was off and it chimed and began charging.

    What the heck did I do?

    I've tried three different chargers and same thing happens so I don't think it's a charger issue.
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    bump. anyone?
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    Perhaps soft reset and then turn off? Know this sounds too simplistic...
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    That's weird, because a 600 doesn't really ever turn off, unless of course you totally run it out of battery. What carrier do you have?
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    I have Verizon. Actually a reset seemed to fix it. Don't know why I didn't just try that right away. When I said turn off, I basically just meant I turned the screen off and then on. After the reset all is well. Actually it reset itself last night when a call came in.

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