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    26x not shipped, no email from Jeff either. So maybe they got 250 of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbrenner
    26x not shipped, no email from Jeff either. So maybe they got 250 of them.
    Keep in mind that orders numbers including orders for 600s and 650s for all different carriers. Sounds more like they got a lot less than 250.
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    More than likely they got around 200 of them. Remember, the first roadshow in NY only had the 600 available.
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    Also keep in mind that it appears that Jeff seems to be one of the only people at VC that is actually working on this, and if they do have more people than him, it is likely just a few more people. They have to ship out and send tracking info to each person. Even if they got in enough orders for everyone, I bet it will take at least a week to get them all out. I am sure as much as all of the TC members have hounded Jeff, VC will want to get these out ASAP so he can get this off his back.
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    Sadly my order # is 242 and I haven't heard anything yet.

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    order is for Sprint 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenng
    I am sorry, but I am too self-centered to understand your confusion.
    Love it. Sheer genius.
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    I had the sprint 650!
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    I am way below 283 and no shipping info.

    Other I know in the 40's have no shipping info.

    Seems like it is not first come first served...
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    Did you order a Sprint unit? The order numbers given are for the total amount of units and are not divided between carriers or technologies (CDMA vs. GSM).
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    I ordered a Sprint one.
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    Order 26x shipped email sent at 9pm central, sprint CDMA.

    I will see if my coworker order 34x ships soon
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    Yeah, I thought too that people were waiting on this Vienna thing for the GSM version of the Treo 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perry_rob
    I validated the January 15th return date with both Telesales and my local store. If you where told no, I would get a second opinion.


    quote from the bottom of my reeipt

    "purchases mades from 11/15/2004 - 1/15/2004 may be returned through 1/31/2005. See back of reciept for details" I am looking for one cheaper then going to return the one form the sprint store sprint pisses me off they deserve it.
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    maybe a dumb question but what is ViennaChannels??? I take it they are cheaper maily all i care about is if i get my 150 mail in from a purchase from them
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    well i agther that is from a road show and they were offering deap discounts but there is now way to order it now from them i assume. one of those deals where you sit through some boring siminar about it and then after 2 hours of waiting for what you really came to do they offer it fo a good price. Mind you i am new to the whole treo thing. Go ahead flame me i deserve it but i don;t know the whole story...
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    I got a shipped email from Vienna Channels.
    Order #36X. Total $359. We anticipate arrival of your order at your office on or before December 8, 2004. Now I'll finally get a chance to play with the 650 side by side with my PPC6601 and do a comparison write up
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    Just a few more in the sequence... Order number 37X.

    Total: $388.62

    I just might have to pair it with:

    Anyone know where you can pick one of these bluetooth guys up a little cheaper than directly from xcelis?

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    is that they are some sort of promotion company. in this case they assisted palmone in setting up a roadshow program wherein roadshow attendees could purchase a treo product (600 or 650) or obtain a demo unit for 30 days with the option to purchase or return. as a benefit to folks attending these roadshows, palmone offered attendees a $250 discount on the smartphones. this is separate from ordering a treo from palmone's site of from sprint. if you attended the roadshow you received a coupon and a discount code which expired on 11/30. vienna channels confirms your order via the attendance list and is handling the delivery of these phones to roadshow attendees as they units are supplied by palm. what does this mean to you? if you didn't attend the roadshow, then you probably didn't obtain the coupon, and as such vienna channels means nothing to you. assuming you did attend the roadshow and purchase a unit from vienna channels website utilzing the code provided to you at the roadshow - then your order may be shipping soon. hope this clears up your confusion on the matter - though i may have confused myself providing the explanation...

    Quote Originally Posted by jsblair17
    maybe a dumb question but what is ViennaChannels??? I take it they are cheaper maily all i care about is if i get my 150 mail in from a purchase from them
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