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    Quote Originally Posted by Heat00
    strange... my "p" works every time I press it.... it doesn't have that "click" to it, but it works fine... who cares... whats the big deal... as long as the button works when pressed, lol
    Same here.... Only have it 2 days tho
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    over here the lift side is rather loose - the q, a and the other key are bending in ... well, one year warranty, who gives a heck. lets use and use that phone and if the first real errors come, give it back.

    mine's actually quite moody. once the speakerphone just didnt work, then the dimming of the phone didnt work ... cant count the soft resets anymore.
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    I'm having major problems with the P key on my 650. I end up with "p"s all over the place, the button is WAY more sensitive than any other button. I am always getting "p"s instead of "o"s and random "p"s everywhere. My P key does not click, it gives no tactile feedback whatsoever. I don't remember if it started out this way, but I do know that I didn't notice having this problem until I'd had my 650 for a few weeks. This is starting to drive me crazy, but I'm not sure what I can do about it since I've hacked my 650 onto Verizon. Has anyone figured out a fix for this yet? Anyone else with a Verizonified 650 having this problem?
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    I've had 3 phones that did this. My store had another 3 that also had it. A good time to stop using cheap labor and parts!
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    CC - There is no fix for the problem you are experiencing. Way too many people have had that same problem. I'm beginning to count my blessings...
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    My p gives a deeper sound than my others.
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    My p key has gotten so bad now that it has spread to the "O", "L", backspace and power keys! Its absolutely terrible. Now that Verizon has the 650 I'm thinking about calling them to see if I can get it replaced under warranty or maybe under my insurance plan or something.
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