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    I've returned 2 units for this problem so far, I'm still within the 30 days so each time I show up and ask for a new one. I suspect this 3rd unit is going to require replacing as well.
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    Used phone for less than 3 weeks and got the "P" ppppppproblem.

    Took the phone into my Sprint Store and walked out with a brand new phone within 5 minutes.

    Excellent service.
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    I haven't had much of a sticking problem, however the P does feel a little different than the other keys. On the other hand, it feels exactly the same as the Q!
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    Mine doesnt stick but it does have a different feel. Also if i double press it fast it works as a delete key. I have Keycaps600 installed, is that why? Anyone else have this behavior?
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    Purchased New Phone at Sprint Store.

    Had Treo for 7 days... "P" key goes beserk.

    Returned to Sprint. Replaced with New Phone.

    7 days later... today... "P" key beserk again.

    Now, what are my choices? Do I really need to go back to the store and make them look through all the boxes and try to get a different batch?

    Is a week all I can really hope for in the life of my unit with light use?
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    I think that's just bad luck. They should exchange it for you ad infinitum until you find one that doesn't fail. My P key sounds and feels different from the others, but no PKoD yet.
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    Am I the luckiest person alive? One month and no probs with my P. (wait, that sounds a bit odd...)

    Doesn't stick, good tactile there a time frame I need to be worried about? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I noticed my P key not clicking about a week ago, but it was still functional.

    However, my shift key stopped working, and shortly thereafter my whole Treo went berserk. Most of the time, I can only get it to turn on by popping my SD card out and back in, and none of the keys work, including the application keys.....My replacement should be in on Tuesday....
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    I tell you guys- If the P key is any indication of the quality of other parts in the phone we are doomed. My Handspring 600 was a ROCK. I NEVER needed to replace it. Who is making this new 650? Bannana republic #5? Palm will go down in flames if they cheap out on construction. I will be on my 3rd treo in 2 weeks. That is without saying UNACCEPTABLE. I can't wait until I'm somewhere out of town and really need my paperweight, I mean phone. I don't care how cool the screen is if I can't use this thing.
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    When I bought my Tungsten a couple years back, there was a discussion thread about the poor build quality, in particular the tactile feedback when pressing down on the 5-way navigator. We asked participants to post their serial nos, and pretty soon we had it figured out that most of the units in question had the number '8' in a certain position in the serial no. Evenutally someone figured out that it referred to devices manufactured in the month of August (1-Jan, 2-Feb, etc. A-Oct, B-Nov).

    Perhaps we could get owners of the units with sticky 'P' keys to post their serial nos?
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    the p key is defective and palm one should take care of it now.
    after 7 days i took my 650 back to the sprint store i bought it from and they gave me a new one. two weeks later it went dead again. when i went to the sprint store they said they would give me a refurbish one. i say no
    i will contact palm one to address this/
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    i cant throw money away like that. all 650 user must unite
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    i am on my 2nd one and they want to give me a refurbushish one
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    Yeah, hell no. Demand a new one. That is absolutely SHODDY customer relations. 600$ for a used phone!? I'm about to take back and get my 3rd. They will hear bloody murder if they try to give me a refurb.

    (Unless of course refurbished= fixed?)
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    There once was a product from Palm
    with a P key weak and too calm
    We expressed our distress
    T'wasnt dressed for success
    'cept blessed by a shadowmite ROM
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    So I am now on a first name basis with the guy at the Sprint store. When I returned my 2nd Sprint phone in 2 weeks, he cheerfully game me a new one- Which had the SAME P issue.

    A check in the back revealed 3 more in stock with the same issue. I guess when this one breaks, I'll go back for another one. How fun- back to the store every few weeks to visit.
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    I have had my Treo 650 for about 5 weeks. At first my "P" key was perfect, just like all the other keys. Then after two weeks, it became somewhat soft. In otherwards, it didn't have a click feel, but still depressed and worked fine. Now two more weeks later it no longer depresses. I have to "tap" it rather than press it. It is also a bit more likely to do "ppppppp" because it doesn't pop back up after a tap on it.

    I would love to send it in to be rplaced, but I bought it on eBay and I have Verizonized it, so I don't know if it is covered by a warantee and since I got it on eBay, I couldn't get LockLine insurance for it.

    Even if I did get to exchange it, I'd need to re-Verizonify again, etc.
    So though I wish my button were functioning well, if I knew it wouldn't get worse, I may just reluctently put up with it, but I wish I could just easily do aseamless exchange.
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    strange... my "p" works every time I press it.... it doesn't have that "click" to it, but it works fine... who cares... whats the big deal... as long as the button works when pressed, lol
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    Former 650 User !
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    *All Sprint*
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    Well, knock on wood, but I "P" freely. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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