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    Sleep hours from 10PM to 5:45AM.

    And no.. no TreoHelper.
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    And no log from you, either!


    p.s. Do you turn your phone off overnight (i.e. turn off the radio)?
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    I leave my phone on all the time. Before making a log (like you mentioned yesterday), I wanted to confirm that the problem still occured after removing 15.11 then installing a clean copy of 15.12. The problem is still there. I will provide a log, but when would be a good time to do it? Should I open the log before it goes into Sleep hours, then close the log when I wake up, after sleep hours are supposed to be over?
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    Yes, that would work. Thanks.

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    This happens for me too. (Treo 650 running 1.0b16a). Just sent a log via "bug" command.
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    Great! Thanks for doing that. I've been trying to do a log, but when I wake up in the morning, Chatter is turned off, then when I enter LOG in the console again, it starts a new one instead of closing the other one... very fishy.
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    Chatter still doesn't wake up in the morning. Goes to sleep fine. Anyone experiencing these problems? Does it work for anyone?

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