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    Hello. I'm running the trial version of Beyond Contacts so that I can sync my contacts and calendar with Outlook 2003. I'm not looking to sync my mail.

    BC does send the contacts over to the Treo 600, and they are all correctly categorised in the BC app. None of my custom categories have more than 7 letters.

    Over in the TreoContacts area, all of my contacts did get synced. However, they are ALL in UNFILED. None are in unfiled in BC, which is correct. Most interestingly, all of my categories made it to TreoContacts but everybody is "unfiled." I'm not going to sync and then spend minutes moving contacts into different categories.

    Why does this matter? Because I rely on an app to play me different ring tones based on who is calling, and in some cases, it's by the category of caller. Vendors ring differently than clients. So I need the contacts in TreoContacts to be correctly categorised.

    Yes, I did check the BC preferences that BC should sync to TreoContacts. Clearly it did since I cleared out my TreoContacts and after a sync, everybody was in unfiled. So it is speaking to that DB. It just doesn't have the categories correct.

    Can anybody help? Thank you in advance.
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    I think we are screwed on this one also. Another functionality of BC that ain't quite right. Hopefully should be easy to solve.
    I never noticed that fact since I am sorted more by folders than by categories, but I checked my treo and it is exactly as you describe - no categories make it into the 650 contacts even though they are in BC contacts.
    If it is important to you, you could try KeySuite to see if that helps you.


    If you dont have subfolders in contacts, could you try having BC sync contacts, but not sync them to the treo contacts while also having the treo contacts sinc directly and independently with outlook?? never tried that, but it might work??

    If Dataviz/BC is listening, they also need to make the photos sync form treo to outlook (this works if you do not use BC).
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    KeySuite won't help with this problem either. KeySuite like BC uses it own database to hold contact information, but unlike Beyond Contacts, dosen't load contact information into the palm database.

    There is an option in Keysuite that fools the Treo into looking into it's own contact database when you attempt to search or access the palm contact database using other programs. I have had some limited success using KeySuite with programs such as Call Filter and Call Shield. Both programs will look up numbers in KeySuite but neither program will look up the categories. They both revert to looking for category in the palm database. Due to that very reason I have the same problem as you have using BC.
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    BC ended up completely corrupting my phone. I had to hard reset and reinstall everything again. I started getting the same "Network Search" issue others have complained about around this forum... my phone never seemed to find a signal, and it would lose signal even during a call without me moving.

    So I"m trying KeySuite now. I've made the issue work for me (the issue stated above) though it's a little silly. What I NOW have a problem with is that KeySuite is syncing my calendar to its own KeyDates AND the internal Treo calendar. So when I have an alarm set, I have two go off at the same time, one from KeyDates and one from Calendar!!!

    Anybody know how to fix that and just have ONE of these remind me of events? Thanks.
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    "..KeySuite is syncing my calendar to its own KeyDates AND the internal Treo calendar..."

    KeySuite is not the culprit here. Keysuite only installs and sync to its own proprietary databases on the Treo. Unlike BC, it does not sync any information to the built in databases at all.

    Are you sure that the Beyond Contacts conduit has been completely removed from your PC, or at least has the conduit action set to "Do Nothing". If not, then this may be how your data is getting synced in both databases.

    Also, if you've ever installed any third party conduits such as PocketMirror, make sure that the setting are set to "Do Nothing" as well.

    I can tell you that I've used KeySuite for a long time without any problems. It is a "rock solid" program that has worked very well for me, even on the Treo with it's redirect feature for contacts.

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