I have a Treo 650.

I have an email account with Mailsnare.net

I can buy Snappermail Enterprise and a 1 GB SD card.

Here is my question:

With Snappermail Enterprise, is it possible to "mirror" my Mailsnare account on my TREO 650?

My Mailsnare account has a 100 MB storage size. If I have a 1 GB SD card in my TREO 650 is it possible to have all my Mailsnare folders and emails backed up on my TREO via snappermail? If I use the web interface to access mailsnare on my desktop computer, read an email, and file it into any of my folders....later when I access the account with Snappermail with IMAP, can Snappermail sync all the folders on my Treo650 to reflect not only this new email, but also refile it into the corresponding folder on the Treo?

If I delete or move emails on my Treo650, when I use Snappermail to access my account, can it change my account to reflect the changes made on the Treo?