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    Hi all,
    I bought a new 600 and am concerned about breaking the screen, so I am lookign at getting Assurion insurance. Anyone have good/bad experiences to report?

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    I have a good experience to report. I broke (the second) flip-cover on my Treo 270 a few months ago, and called Assurian. It took them a few days to check that my claim wasn't fraudulent. Then they said that they didn't have any 270s in stock, but they would send me a Blackberry (I don't recall which model). I said that I wasn't interested in any Blackberry, could they send me a Treo 600 instead? After checking for a few minutes, they said OK.

    So I got an upgrade from a broken 270 to a new 600 for only the $40 deductible plus the $4 monthly insurance. Not bad :-)

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