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    when using datebook 3, after inputing a new appointment, is there an easy way to send it to the to-do list, without retyping
    the whole thing?
    or is there other software out there to do that?
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    What do you mean? I think the idea is that an appointment goes on your calendar, and a to do is on the to do list. Do you mean that you want to put a calendar item (ie lunch with bob tomorrow at noon) on your to do list, or did you just mean that you are adding a todo item (call bob about lunch)from within datebook? To do's added within datebook are automatically added to the regular todo database and should show up in the todo app. If they aren't try checking the show preferences to make sure that it's not just hidden.
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    Try actioneer it will post whatever to as many places as you want and it is really neat with its key word setup.(Don't get lost in all the descriptive stuff at the site, because essentially it lets you do a super fast input exactly to the place you want it)

    For example: you put in a name either manual or by the /L shortcut (it looks up and enters the name for you -standard OS feature) then either tap the icon to send it there or type in a key word or abbreviation to where you want it to go, say in the to do list under call backs or whatever.

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