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    Hi, long time lurker, first time poster

    A while back, I got to play with a treo 600 (i know, ooh aah) in a sprint store and was able to get into my OWA at work. Looked like crap, but i was able to read messages well enough for it to be functional. Shortly therafter i caught wind of the 650 which was supposed to be able to better deal with frames, so I began the long wait with the rest of you. Just today, the sprint store had the 650, but when i tried to experiment with OWA I got an apology that my browser couldn't handle frames. Didn't see any setting s to enable, either. Did I miss something, or has my company really been able to limit OWA access to only IE or netscape, judging by the friendly "free download" links that were at the bottom of the page?

    By the way, my IT people will either laugh or punch me in the mouth if I mention enabling POP access on the exchange server. Already tried that.

    Anybody have any creative ways for accessing OWA? My company will support blackberries, but they have it locked down so that there is no internet access and you have to enter a password just to dial the ^%(&* phone. Also, even for OWA, I have to go through three screens of user ids/passwords. So screen scraping won't get it done either bcuz i would need a custom program, and God bless me, I'm just not that bright. I really don't care if it's palm, PPC, symbian, or a even pocket fisherman as long as it works.
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    My company uses Exchange Server 2000, and I'm able to get to OWA via the 650 just fine. I'm not sure how our OWA stuff is setup, but my guess is that it's pretty basic. Blazer has Wide Page mode and Optimized Mode. It has worked for me in Opt. mode...haven't tried Wide mode yet.
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    Works for me as well. When I had the 600 it would not work with blazer. I had to use Xino to make it work.
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    OWA works. Bussiness Connection works well to if you are allowed to install some software on your work PC and leave it running.
    Mike G

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    For those who say it works, are you talking about OWA for Exchange 5.5? My wife works for the government, old servers, no remote connections except via OWA.

    BTW, our one user with BC personal edition managed to damage the information store in both Exchange 5.5 and after we upgraded to 2003, something about the way the client was polling the server. Performance dragged almost to a stop over time with this person, and was slow for others as well. Had to do an offline defrag to fix exchange. Dunno if Sprint has fixed that problem yet. Now we use Goodlink and it's fantastic.
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    I also got the message saying that the Blazer browser did not support frames. I'm pretty pissed off about it, as I had the same expectation. I'm on VZ, but I don't know why that - or the Corporate Server swide of things - has to do with anything. Either the browser works with frames, or not. I don't see how it has anything to do with anything else. OWA needs frames, period. If OWA is saying the browser doesn't support frames, then... what the...
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    there is an option in exchange 2003 for outlook mobile access this works very nicely with 600 and 650 it is very basic but its also very fast over gprs. might be worth asking it if it is enabled? I think its just as secure as owa.
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    I regularly access Outlook on my Treo using Blazer and I don't have the frames problem. I do have Cingular GSM if anyone thinks that may make a difference. I've used Blazer in both wide page and optimized mode. Wide page is the better for me. We are now using Exchange 2003, but were using 2000 and I did not have any problems with OWA then either.

    It would be interesting to find out exactly what is causing the Frames issue, since OWA apparently works for some and not others.

    I'm also currently testing Dataviz's new RoadSync product for sync with Exchange 2003. This may end up being a good product. It will only sync with the Inbox for now, but Dataviz is adding Calendar, tasks, etc. sync relatively soon. I have to have a vpn connection, so I'm using Mergic for that. So far, everything is working okay with RoadSync, but we'll see.
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    Ask your work to allow OMA (outlook mobile access). It works great for me. You could also just try it
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    My company website needs Client (ActiveX) for 32-bit Windows installed on my system. As Treo is Palm, I take there's no way to do OWA.
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