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    Does anyone know of a Bible app for the Visor or Palm? I got 8 MB to play with. Gotta start using it.

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    Go to and do a search for "Bible", and you should find scads of them.
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    Check out for information on MyBible.

    Jeff Wheeler
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    Check out
    KJV is free.

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    I second the recommendation to check out Laridian's "MyBible". I've recently purchased it for use on the Visor and really enjoy it. It's not a full featured as a desktop version but only takes up 1.5 megs for the entire program and Bible! I've got the NASB and really enjoy it. Do yourself a favor and check it out at:

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    MyBible sounds and looks quite good from their website, but it is not inexpensive. I understand James Hromadka will be having a review of it on VisorCentral website soon...

    Meanwhile, if you're looking for a freeware niv version, you won't find it at Palmgear... try instead. That was where I got one.
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    Visordoc, what was the name of the freeware NIV software you found? I couldn't locate one.

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    As soon as the site is stable and up again we will be posting my review of MyBible.

    James Hromadka
    Personal Website:
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    You're right, I could't find it on palmcentral anymore also... I don't understand why, cause I just downloaded it from there 3-4 months ago. Anyways, maybe if you post your email address, I can email you a copy. There are 2 zipped files, old and new testaments totalling 2MB, and you can install any or all of the books that you want. Oh, I almost forgot, you'll also need a freeware doc reader installed (either TealDoc or AportisDoc) which you can easily get from palmgear.

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    I downloaded "My Bible" and the NIV from Laridian this morning with no problems at all. It's a little pricey but certainly not more than you would pay for a decent hard cover edition. It's a decent program with a good "find" and you can copy to clipboard. I am a pastor and expect to use this program every day.
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    I'd appreciate it if you could e-mail the NIV to me, since it's freeware... my e-mail address is

    - Kevin
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    You may want to search Palmcentral for Servant Software's Scripture.

    You will need to download Scripture and the Bible version you want. I saw KJ and RSV listed as free. I'm not sure if this link will get you there but here goes ...
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    Regarding a freeware NIV... please be aware that the NIV is copyrighted by Zonderan. As far as I know, they have not given anyone permission to give the NIV away. (I'm not saying that they haven't, but frankly, it would surprise me.) If you find some one that is giving it away, consider asking them if they have permission from Zondervan, owner of the NIV,to do so. If they don't, then -- to be blunt -- it's theft, no matter how well-intentioned. (This may explain why the free download isn't available anymore.)

    Just a thought...

    (not a lawyer)
    (not affiliated with Zondervan)
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    As has been mentioned here before, MyBible from Laridian is the finished version of the Scripture 2.0 beta that was out this summer. The version of Scripture posted at palmcentral is the 1.0 version that doesn't have near the compression that the later version has.

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    You are probably right about the copyright of NIV...I guess that's why we don't see anymore freeware NIV versions available at either palmcentral or palmgear. So everyone, please don't ask me for the files anymore.

    Just a thought: I suppose if one has purchased a bible software for the desktop computer, then one can always cut-and-paste and convert from text to doc and install it into the Palm for personal use. However, one won't have the fast search feature that is in MyBible...
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    I guess we should pass on this one, then... don't want to violate any copyright agreements.

    The idea of converting from PC format to the DOC format is an interesting idea... I've been using QuickVerse on the PC for a long time; would be interesting to see if it were possible to do some conversions (perhaps a book at a time) for personal use.

    Take care,
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    I vote for My Bible. Yes it is expensive. One could rewrite the text, but in how many hours?

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    For those of you considering a cut-and-paste move from the PC to Visor, a note of irony: the original writer of the program that is now QuickVerse is the President of Laridian, distributer of MyBible.

    Just another useless post.


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