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    Can anyone point me to programs that would add the following functionality to the bundled software?
    1)Allow more than one address per entry. My rex allows me to have home and work address, something I want and use too often to just add it in a note. (Can I set up Outlook to add these fields to the custom fields?)
    2)Allow standard A,B,C and 1234... prioritizing of To Do list. My other beef is that the to do list that comes up in datebook+ day view cuts off the highest priority items on the top, and to top it all off I can't use the scroll keys to move up (they change the day) and have to get the stylus out just to browse my highest priority items in this view.
    The developers corner already burst my bubble on making these upgrades myself. If you can give me a program to try i'd sure appreciate it. Or just write it yourself :-)
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    hey friend,

    Try supernames, it allows multiple addresses on the palm, but I don't know of a way to show them on the desktop. As for Datebook +, I use datebook3 (full version) it lets put categories on your to do's. As for scrolling to different days see if you have a preference for that in the menu, datebook3 does.

    site for datebook:

    (Ill find) site for supernames:
    (by the way it lets you link contacts as well

    I currently use tealphone (lets me sort like a database)

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    Thanks for the tip about supernames. I actually contacted the author and asked about syncing both addresses. I use MS Outlook and wanted to be able to either just import once, or sync regularly with supernames. I learned they are working on this capability but it's not yet possible.

    By the way, in the meantime, I also found Big ToDo at
    which allows up to 10 priorities allowing you to do A1 to A10, etc. if you use A,B,C for categories. I still think there is a better solution than this, and the extra priorities (6 to 9) aren't supported by datebook+ (i don't want to bother with datebook3 right now but does anyone know if it works here?)

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