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    Just bought a BT headset with Caller ID Name display, but the Treo 650 can only display the name (according to the official compatibility guide, only a few models support displaying the name).

    Is there any hack or utility to upgrade this functionality?
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    Does anyone else have trouble with the 650 and the plantronics 645? Purchased this because it stated it was compatible...nand unless I hold the phone next to my ear sounds as if I am crinkling paper...what is funny is that Palm sells the same headset under the Palm brand and they give it the highest rating...guess there is some "magic" in the Palm name on something instead of someone elses...does the fact that the 650 is a 1.1 and my headset is a 2.0 have anything to do with it?.....hate to know I spent that kind of money and it is that "crappy"...Palm told me to soft reset..didn't work..then hard reset..didn't there something else that I could do besides scream?

    Thanks for any help ya'll can give me
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    there is a whole thread dedicated to the bluetooth headphones with the 650. its at:

    there are many models that don't work well with the 650 because of the bluetooth in the phone. When the phone first came out, I bought a jabra one that hardly worked. About a month or two later, Jabra came out with the same exact model, but put a "p" after the number, indicating that this one is for the Palm treo. Got it and it worked better. Apparently the treo requires a more sensitive or different programming to work well and not all bt headsets have this.

    check out the discussion.

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    I had my 650 (with 1.12a update) working with my Lexus handsfree just fine but the phone keyboard died so I got a replacement with 1.13a update and after I pair I don't get any sound played back when I make a call. Anyone else experience anything like that. I know that 1.13a had some more bluetooth changes but I could swear I saw that someone had succesfully used a 650 with 1.13a update on a Lexus (or could have been Toyota).
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    Hello everyone,

    I own a Treo 650 and two Motorola Bluetooth earpieces. They are the H700 and the H550. Here's my problem.

    1. On my Treo 650, I have the auto-answering function [B]disabled[B]. But for SOME reason. When I have either of my earpieces connected, the phone will answer after the second ring. The Cingular store reps that sold me each of my earpieces said that they don't understand why it does that. I also have a Treo 700wx from Sprint (my work phone). It works fine with either of them. So, it's GOT to be the Treo 650, and the Milk Duds at Cingular won't refund the money for the Bluetooths.

    I hope that it's a patch kinda thing that I can download to make it STOP answering the phone!

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks so much...
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    I just came into possession of a Sprint Treo 650 (which was exchanged for my old Samsung i500 which died on me unexpectedly, and they only charged me $35!), and I'm ecstatic to finally own a Bluetooth-enabled PalmOS phone.

    Unfortunately, reading through this thread isn't giving me much hope in finding a good Bluetooth headset. It seems like any detailed info is at least a year old, though I suppose that's understandable considering that the 650 is an older model. Many of the headsets mentioned here can't even be found, anymore.

    It sounds like no matter what model of headset you get, Bluetooth on the 650 is very hit-or-miss, and as a result there is no way of naming one "the best". (For example, some people will say the [insert BT headset here] works perfectly with their 650, but another 650 owner with the exact same headset has nothing but trouble.)

    Is there any consensus on which headset is at least the most-likely to work acceptably, even if it's not "the best" based on the luck with your individual handset?
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    Go with the latest Scala one. I saw that many people liked the scala's but those model numbers were not available, so I got the latest one (don't have it in front of me to tell you what its is...i think 700 something?) Just got it two weeks ago...working well!
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    This is the 2nd Treo 650 I have had and I am trying to use the BlueSoleil software to connect my laptop to my Treo for a DUN modem and get internet on my laptop with my dataplan that I have on the Treo. On my old Treo, I thought there was an option for "enable dial-up networking" on the bluetooth screen, but I do not see it on this Treo 650. Do I need to go somewhere to turn this on?
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    What's your firmware version? Is it Unlocked GSM?
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    Hi All,

    I have a treo 650 unlocked GSM, blue Cingular phone. I have just upgraded the firmware to the 1.20 LAP. Problem is that the Treo will not pair with anything. I have just tried to pair with 2 different Nokia earpieces - nothing happened, tried to pair a Samsung phone - the Samsung found the Treo but could not be paired with it.

    What's wrong with it? Is there an upgrade for the Bluetooth? HELP!

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    I have tried again and again to get my blue tooth on my treo 650 to pick up my wife mobile phone but it does not detect this, can anyone please give me advice on how to do this please
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    Any suggestions on a Bluetooth USB adapter that works?
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    I had great luck with this forum Bluetooth connecting our 650 Treo's to our new Lexus 400h hands free.

    Traded in the Lexus for an Acura TL and while I am able to connect the Treo and receive calls, the Acura system and Treo have some conflict that doesn't allow us to download the phone book or make calls.

    Any suggestions where to find an answer. Acura is just like Lexus as they suggest we dump the Treo's an buy different phones...
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