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    Argghh. I see a lot of questions and not a whole lot of answers. I came on here looking for a solution to my BT problem. I get my 650 to synch okay with Outlook, but I cannot install any apps through BT. The apps sit there in the QuickInstall box.

    And I get no errors. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
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    I agree.
    from Italy.

    India is Great !!
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    Does anyone know why my bluetooth headset works only one way after I ran the Treo650 Rom Updater 1.20-ENA? When I dial a number with my phone, the Bluetooth headset works fine, but I can not use it to pick up an incoming call, WHY???
    Is there any way to fix this?
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    Maybe it's just taking longer for the call to transfer to your 650 after the update? Or, is it just not allowing the call to transfer at all?
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    I finally updated my Verizon Treo 650 firmware to 1.0.4. Should that have updated Bluetooth to something beyond 1.0(W)?

    I cannot get Bluetooth to STAY off when I turn it off. After the 650 goes shuts down the display and I go back into it, it asks if I want to turn BT back on. Choices are OK (which turns it on) and Cancel, which gives me the same display.

    Any ideas?
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    Anyone else with Sprint and a Landcruiser? I have an 04 Landcruiser. Does the year of the vehicle or software from that year make a difference? My phone says it is connected as does the car, but I cannot receive or make any calls. It looks as though the phone picks up but nothing can be heard. When I try to adjust the volume or any of the controls nothing happens. Anyone have a suggestion? Will the 1.13 update make a difference at all over the 1.12a?
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    A2DP support for Treo 650.

    Courtsey of
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    Finally, I will try this at once, and if ok, will immediatly buy it.

    Thanks imwise1 for the tip.
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    Any news on improving the 650 Bluetooth headset volume? I've tried three headsets and BT Mute with no luck.
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    ive tried it and it works real good
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    I wanted to follow up on a couple of items with the Treo. I have a Jabra JX 10 headset, a Rikaline 6033 GPS Bluetooth receiver and I wanted to tell you all what I have seen so far. One person had a question if multiple devices hooked up at once. First off letís talk about the headset. Palm does not support voice activated dialing. From what I here it is due to a bug in one of there API's (Application Programming Interface or just Code for simplicity.). You cannot on any Bluetooth headset voice dial period at this point. I really hope palm fixes this issue this is my biggest source of frustration. As for the GPS and TOMTOM Nav 5 it works almost flawlessly minus having to occasionally reselect the Bluetooth device from the Bluetooth manager and occasionally having to turn off the GPS and then back on to get it to connect. Ok drum roll please.... Having them both work together is not working for me In fact itís pretty funny. I am navigating along and it switches to the incoming call screen, I click answer and then there is nothing in the headset so I go to the phone say hello, the other person on the other line says hi and then magically it switches to the Bluetooth headset. I say hi in the headset the other person says hello and then the phone magically hangs up and the process starts all over again. So in my experience NO Bluetooth GPS and Bluetooth headset do not work well together.

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    Nokia BH-900 ($129.) is what I am using at the moment. This one I just purchased this past weekend at Best Buy. So far I have to say that for my 650, it is GREAT. As a test, I called all my biggest complainers just to see what I sounded like to them. No one I have spoken to could tell that I was using a wireless headset. I can actually leave the windows down in my car and not worry about background noises taking over my conversation. Iíve never been impressed with Nokia, so it was never a thought to try them out. This weekend while roaming around in Best Buy, I was thinking that Iíve tried everything else, so why not? The unit slides over the ear the same way as the Logitech Mobile Pro, but itís just a little smaller. It has a boom mic that can be extended when need be or left where itís at; depending upon your needs.

    Iím not suffering with an static issues or the snap / crackle / pop I had with a few of the others. Below are my previously used headsets.

    HBH 660 worked the best with my 650; a little staticy, but nothing I couldnít deal with. I wasnít that impressed with it while in my car though. Way too much background noise came through which would always have my listeners thinking I was out trying to mow a lawn. $45 @ time of purchase.

    Logitech Mobile Pro was hit or miss. One thing I just couldnít seem to adjust to was the size. If you want to audition as an extra on StarTrek, this is the headset for you. After a while, the charging base ceased to function. Maybe that was a blessing considering the base was as large as a casket. $50 @ time of purchase.

    Motorola H500 was a so so device. If I had to compare it to anything, it would be the SE HBH 660. The unit produced a lot of static and I could take more than 3 steps away from my Treo before the static would kick in. Yes, it was handsfree, just as long as I kept the Treo somewhere close; like in my pocket. $60 @ time of purchase.

    Motorola H850 & H700 was horrible with my 650. The best gift I could give both these units was to return them to the store I got it from. Both produced a lot of static and neither were any good while driving. For that matter, neither were any good while standing still. $80 & $120 when purchased.

    Plantronics 320 (Explorer) & 510 (Voyager) were purchases made based on reviews here at TC. The 320 was exceptional indoors but failed me outdoors. Although I have to say that I tested the ď8 hour continual talk timeĒ and it lasted around 6. The 510 I thought would be great because it had WindSmart. The fact that is was horrible even with a slight breeze left me completely disappointed. I cant count the number of times I was asked if I was standing in the middle of a storm. $70 & $100 when purchased.

    Jabra BT500 & JX-10 also were purchases made based on TC reviews. Neither of these played well with my 650. The BT500 picked up every sound known to mankind. I could not turn my head in any direction without sounding as if I was standing in the middle of a football huddle and the quarterback was yelling. And mind you, this was indoors. While lying in bed watching TV, the person I was talking with said, ďWhy is your TV so loud all of a sudden?Ē My TV has volume automatically set so it is always the same; which is usually low. This was the first unit Iíve used that I couldnít be near a TV without killing the eardrums of any of my callers. In my car, the BT500 was completely useless. I had to keep taking it off and end up using a wired headset. $99 & $180 when purchased.

    The JX-10 with its high price tag is the worst constructed unit Iíve ever used. The first one I purchased was actually broken right out the box. The + / - volume control cover was sitting in a position away from what it was supposed to be covering up. Since it was already broken, I attempted to move that cover back into place and the rest of it started coming apart. I returned it the next day and started fresh with a one. It wasnít broken, but due to its performance, it might as well have been. This was another unit that didnít handle background noise all that well; and it was supposed too! Also, in the car, it was useless. I could only use it with my windows up. I think that only thing it had going for it was its size. IMO, the JX-10 was the worst of the bunch & the most expensive.
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    Great review thanks, i probably agree with you on some of those. Iam looking for a great headset, and want to try out the nokia, but on the site it says its compatible with BT 2.0 , treo 650 is 1.0 is that a problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by knsv
    Great review thanks, i probably agree with you on some of those. Iam looking for a great headset, and want to try out the nokia, but on the site it says its compatible with BT 2.0 , treo 650 is 1.0 is that a problem?
    No, it's not a problem. BT on the 650 is a crap shoot. For some people, the headsets Iíve used worked exceptionally well for them, and for others, they failed completely. Iíve had more than one 650, and a few of the headsets I mentioned work ok on a few of the previously owned 650ís, but not great.

    Right now, all I can say is that I am very pleased and surprised with the Nokia BH-900. I didn't buy it with high expectations and it has surpassed all the ones Iíve used thus far.

    This is one Iíd recommend to anyone. As a matter of fact, if they had a Treo-like phone that worked on Sprint, Iíd leave this 650 in a drawer somewhere.
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    thanks for your reviews of the Nokia BH-900 and other headsets. Since your last post, two weeks have passed. Are you still impressed with the performance of the Nokia? I also saw it at Best Buy, but didn't know at the time if it would pair up with the Treo 650.

    Here's my story. Last September, when I purchased my Treo 650, I promptly picked up a bluetooth headset from CompUSA. The Logitech Mobile Freedom. Yes it's big and at 23 grams, a bit heavy compared to the 9 grams of the Plantronics Discovery 640 I currently have. The Mobile Freedom, however, paired well with the 650 and had very good incoming and outgoing sound. The WindStop worked as advertised. The earloop was a bit uncomfortable though and Wi-Fi interference was slightly annoying, but nothing major, so I kept it.
    Last month, I accidentally snapped off the earloop. I went back to CompUSA and saw an updated Logitech Mobile called the Traveller. At 16 grams, it felt better on my ear and it was also thinner. The sound coming in was very good, but faint and tinny going out, so I returned it.

    Currently I have a Plantroncs Discovery 640. I love the form, style and accessories. The sound in and out in quiet environments only, are excellent. The dislikes are the short range (about 8 feet before static takes over), and the mic picks up ambient noise so well it's distracting for the listener, for example when my car's AC vent is blowing on the mic, outdoors in wind, and in a noisy area. I can put up with those, but not the ear piece falling out of my ear. The earloop when installed causes the mic to flare out. It also slips off too easily.

    So, I will return the Discovery and try another. I'm considering the Nokia BH-900, the new Cardo 700 and the Plantronics Voyager 510 with WindSmart. The Nokia being the most expensive.

    If the sound and range are good, I'll be happy, but it has to fit well. The Nokia looks large and also like it might compete with glasses. Could you elaborate more?
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    Just bought the Nokia BH-900 and it seems to be the best so far. For me, this has included the following:

    Cardo Scala 500 -- didn't work at all for me unless I held the Treo 650 at about my chin.
    Motorola H 500 -- I got good reception, but people complained that they couldn't hear me
    Motorola HS850 -- People said they could hear me well, but I couldn't hear if there was any background noise at all.
    Plantronics 510 -- Worked well, the Nokia is better though.
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    I'm using a Motorola HS 850 with my Treo 650. Volumes are pitiful. I have Volume Care installed but can't get near enough volume out of the headset.
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    OK, maybe if I'd read the comments just before mine I would've seen my answer. No need to reply to my previous question now. It seems to be the general consensous that the HS850 is junk. I second that.

    My daughter works in the repair center at a locally owned wireless provider and she got me 3 HS850s and two others that are like it but don't have a collapsable boom. All 5 were free. Customers bought them and returned them for whatever reason. So I have 5 BT earpieces that are basically crap with my 650. I had a Jabra 500? but I've lost it. Bummer.

    Looks like I'm headed for Nokia. Thanks for the great input.
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    Just looked up the BH900 on and found it for 69.99 and 79.99. Almost $40 cheaper than Best Buy. One of the companies was Tiger direct, very reputable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    If everything is set properly and/or you're getting a Port In Use error on the 650, try soft resetting it and then immediately try to sync with BT.
    Just for future reference, for whoever else comes to this thread looking for help with "port in use" error... after many months of error-free BT syncs between my T650 and Toshiba laptop, I suddenly started getting the "port in use" error yesterday.

    After searching this site I found this simple suggestion (reboot the Treo) and now the BT sync function is working fine again.


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