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    Hi all, I just completed the Treo 650 versus Treo 600 on the Sprint PCS Network and it's posted on

    With each subsequent smart phone release we continue to ask whether or not the term smart phone is all that itís cracked up to be. The PalmOne Treo, now in its third generation, has led the pack on smart phone technology. Now that most mobile phones have PDA functionality in one form or another why should the average user carry a phone that is over 50% larger than their current candy bar phone that can already email contacts and surf the web? Today we plan to answer this question with an in-depth comparison of the Treo 650 and its predecessor, the Treo 600 along with analyzing how far these phones must go in the fourth generation in order to become real smart phones.
    Read the entire review here on X-Gadget - Treo 650 versus Treo 600

    Mike Yorg
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    Great review!
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