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    This is my first post.... I am more than a little concerned about my new treo working with my database (topproducer). Have quick access to my date is THE REASON i bought this phone. Any ideas on how to get this to sync up with TP?
    thanks, Mark
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    Topproducer is currently not compatible with OS 5.4 I beat this issue to death. I talked to TPP yesterday and they told me they are working on it, but have no ETA on when they will release the update. However, they told me that past issues have been resolved quickly... For what its worth!
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    Which version are you using? If you're using 7.1 there should be no problem if you're paying your $9.95 per month to have the conduit to a Palm device. I have yet to receive my 650, but will be importing over 4000 contacts from TP once I receive it. I'll let you know if it chokes. I never have imported them into my 600 though.
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    It WILL choke...thats the problem... Ive been on the phone with TP and Palm many time, and have gotten the run around (from Palm)

    Memory allocation prob.

    Try 9000 contacts! Maybe I am asking too much

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    Thanks for replying guys!
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    Its not only the memory issue.... The SOFTWARE is NOT compatible with OS 5.4 at this time. You can read about it in the Support FAQ for palm handhelds.

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