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    I have used bluetooth for DUN, for sync. I also plan on getting a headset. But, I have a "think outside the box" brand bluetooth keyboard that I have no trouble pairing with my mac, but I cannot seem to pair with the T650. In fact, there does not seem to be an option for keyboards. Has anyone tried pairing the T650 with a BT keyboard?
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    The 650 does not support the HID (Human Input Device) Bluetooth profile.
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    Here is the quote from PalmOne's knowledge base:

    Solution ID: 18358: Bluetooth wireless features and profiles on Treo 650

    Treo 650's Bluetooth implementation does not support these Bluetooth profiles:

    HID (Human Interface Device: connect to Bluetooth keyboard and other input devices)
    FTP (File Transfer Profile: appears as external hard drive on a Windows or Mac computer)
    A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution: playing music wirelessly. This is Bluetooth 1.2, and the Treo 650 smartphone is Bluetooth 1.1)
    All other Bluetooth profiles not specifically listed above

    So perhaps another hack is in order?
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