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    Anyone out there a T3 user who would be so kind
    as to post the BlueBoard and BlueChat apps that
    shipped on their original palmOne CD????
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    I am interested in this as well, anyone out there?
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    Anyone . . . Anyone?
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    I would also be interested in this. C'mon, there have to be some T3 users out there!
    Sprint Treo 650

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    Beware. A buddy of mine beamed me both of these apps. To make a long story short, they worked on the 650 but hosed my headset initially and then other apps started acting up. I ended up having to do a hard reset and restore data. Everything was working fine prior to receiving these apps. Maybe it was coincidence, but I would backup prior to accepting these apps. I have not tried them again.
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    Not sure if anyone is still interested, but I found these PRCs in this download from PalmOne. Not sure if they will work properly yet - tried BlueChat, and it runs, but don't have any other devices to try chatting with here. I'll try down at Starbucks tomorrow, I'm sure (as I'm in NYC) there are plenty of people with BT-capable phones around.
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    bump.. anyone get this to work?
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    I just tested BlueChat v2.1.2 and BlueBoard v2.0 between an unlocked GSM Treo 650 (fw01.15 PalmOS v5.4.5) and Tungsten T3 (PalmOS v5.2.1) without any problems. I was able to chat back and fourth as well as share the same whiteboard. I've had the apps installed on the Treo for over a week and whlie I don't use them everyday, they have yet to cause any resets or instability.
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    On second thought, I think nerual96 may be right. My bluetooth headset (sonyericsson hbh-30) worked perfectly before installing BlueBoard or BlueChat. After installing either application, my headset worked **until the first reset**. After the first reset, my headset would no longer connect to my 650 and just timed out. Deleting the applications, even without a reset, would fix the problem. Very strange, hopefully someone else can benefit from this.
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    I downloaded TungstenW zip file and just installed the prc files for bluechat and blueboard. The appliations came up fine on both of my Treo 650's but although 2 were trusted devices to each other - bluetooth search didn't find anything. I tried loading ALL the files from the Tungsten W zip and that froze the Treo, so I put it back.

    To those of you that got it to work - did you load OTHER files from the zip or just that one. Has anyone used Chat Anywhere?


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