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    I've tried shortcut dot 8 and it doesn't work. I tried GreenLightHack with hackMaster and it doesn't work. Has anyone found a backlight inverter program that works on the visor?

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    GreenLightHack seems to work just fine on the Visor. What are you looking for that it doesn't do?
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    Hi kalahari:

    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving (assuming you're in the states).

    I just tested GreenLighthack on my blue Visor Deluxe again and now it works! I can't understand what I was doing wrong before. I blame it on stress, yeah, that's it! Stress!

    Thanks K.

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    Check out gadget hack also. Its great for inverting the screen with or without backlight on. Also has other cool things like instant access to preferences and hackmaster, etc. Will also replace menuhack.
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    Dr. Dru,

    I can't see any difference with either hack method either. You weren't imagining it.
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    What does the backlight inverter DO? I tried the backlight last night and it seemed peachy-keen for reading in the dark...
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    I too am not super-happy with the backlight - both with or without the greenlight hack. My old Nino has a far superior backlight. One of the reasons is that the green light is brighter and clearer - on my Visor it seems grainy. Also, on the Nino the graphics stay black, while the background lights up. With the regular Visor backlight, the graphics and text glow, so you get light text on a dark background (which is not bad, but not as good as dark text on a light background). With the greenlight hack, the background and text reverse, so you get glowing background, but see-through text. Wouldn't there be more contrast if there was a way to make the text black on a glowing background? There isn't a hack that does that, is there?

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    check out the brightwriter sylus this might be an option by providing a stylus that lights up on the end to help you see. Currently it wont fit in pilots, but I have asked Gary if it will fit it the visor.

    check it out at

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    The inverse hack that seems to work well for me is a hackmaster hack called "invert hack"

    I really think with this that the light works very well. I don't understand what people don't like about it. There is a certain lighting condition (not dark enough for the backlight but too dark to see without it) that it doesn't seem to work that well but this doesn't seem to happen often enough for me to worry about it. When it is dark it works GREAT for me with this hack IMHO

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    I used the Invert hack for my very old Palm V and found it to be very useful. If you have an older Palm than this is definetly the way to go!
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    Congratulations, you might have broken the record. The last post in this thread was 12/06/1999, 12:52 PM. That's 2929 days, 10 hours, and 14 minutes, or 8 years, 7 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes.
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    What a hoot! (I love to see old Visor threads resurrected!)
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!

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