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    NOt sure if this is the right forum, but I am trying to see if this is even doable with PALM and/or TREO 600/650....

    I want to develope an access database on a PC that will contain a set of electronic forms. I want to be able to create a custom form that will display nicely on the treo 600/650 screen (I am aware of the resolution diff) that I can quickly fill out, then sync back to the main access database on the PC.
    I envision the palm side form to be very basic with mainly check boxes and single word, or phrase fields. It is very important that I could lay this out myself as the needs would change over time.
    Maintaining searchable records on the palm is not needed, just the ablilty to srore multiple records (or sheets as it may be) then sync them back to the real database.

    If it helps these forms are std forms that are filled out with name date and a list of tasks, as well as a short comments field. I have some experience with access and I feel confident that even if you could export from the palm to a spread sheet, I could import the spread sheet, but a singe step directly into access would be nice.

    In any case, is this doable, and if so, what software would I look into?

    Keep in mind, I am an IT profesional with some programing and database work, but no work at all programing for the PALM.

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    If the Treo 600/650 will always be in an area with GPRS coverage, just use HTML forms and the built-in browser. I don't know what facility Access has for this, but it probably has some kind of basic web forms integration. Or you can write the web interface separately, store the data separately, and import it to Access when you're ready. This might even allow you some client-side data validation via JavaScript. And obviously HTML is easily updatable, customizable, etc.

    Or make it email-based -- set up a template email with the fields you want, and whenever the user needs to fill in the form, they fill out a new email and send it. If the Treo's offline it queues the message until it is back online. You need to receive and parse the emails, then dump the data to Access.

    Basically, I don't know of a Palm database/forms/UI/etc package like Filemaker or Access. So instead of writing it, or writing a custom app for your DB, take advantage of the internet standards built-in.
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    Filemaker has a Palm (and PocketPC) version of their software that allows for syncing back to the main DB, which seems ideal. Unfortunately, it also seems broken for data entry (or at least on my 650 it doesn't work).
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    I also purchased FileMaker Mobile 7 but it is useless on my Treo 650. Every thing synchs beautifully with my desktop FileMaker Pro 7 databases but when I attempt to add a record in FileMaker Mobile 7 - my Treo resets..... Argh.

    I have been using HanDBase Pro for a few years and find it to be far ahead of FileMaker Mobile in features and usability: HanDBase is relational on the Palm and allows you to manipulate how fields function (Look-Ups, Pop-Ups, Calculations, etc.)

    HanDBase also has a nice Forms app for the Palm Device if you want to customize your data entry environment. I'm not sure how well the Synch functions are implemented with HanDBase, I usually just use the HanDBase desktop app to convert my data both ways as I am entering data on the Palm device 99.9% of the time.

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