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    cross posting this thread because we really need a GSM 650 user!!!

    I know there are beta testers of the GSM phones out there.

    Can one of you find a friend or go to a dealership to try and get your phone working the way it should with a HFL Bluetooth car?

    Basically the problem is that NO cars are able to address the phone to get data (contacts info) to find and intiate a call (they can only be used like a BT headset for recieve and to speak once a call initiated from the 650).

    Some have suggested that Sprint CDMA phone config is what messed this up, since Palm has advertised compliance particularly with the new Audi A6 (which does not work).

    therefore, it would be nice if one of you GSM folks could step up to the plate for us CDMA suckers.
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    I did not know the GSM 650 phones are out yet?
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